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Summer must haves

Can you believe it's the first day of SUMMER 2022 already?! It's hard for us to believe, so we almost forgot to make our "Summer must haves" list. Today is officially the first day of Summer though, so let's start with the cute things, the decorative things that make us go "aww", that put a smile on our faces, and what we work to spend our money on!

FASHION - upgrade your pups wardrobe every season!

What is more refreshing than watermelon on a hot Summer day?

Did you know that your dog can enjoy

watermelon as well? They're great frozen and

stuck into a Kong! Check out this awesome collar and leash set, with watermelon flair!

If watermelon isn't your kick, then what about these flamingos. Those pink feathers scream beauty, and Summer without any effort at all! They're

definitely one of the supermodels of the animal kingdom. This collar and leash set, is simply

adorable. While you're thinking about flamingos, check out these paintings that our dogs did at Pawsitive Strides, they're too stinking cute, and the dogs are always so proud of themselves when they're complete!

Of course Summer isn't complete without the Fourth of July, so naturally we have to include an American flag leash and collar set as well! Naturally, our dogs at Pawsitive Strides also did an American Flag Pride art show, you can check out these beautiful paintings here.

Staying Cool - with Summer comes the heat!

Keeping your pup cool and enjoying the Summer sun can be a challenge sometimes, check out the items below to help you have fun and beat the heat!

Since we've been talking about flamingos so much, what about an awesome flamingo pool for some Summer vibes to play in, good for the dogs and the kids! (I mean, you can use it too, don't be shy!) If flamingos really aren't your style, then this pool is highly rated, and if properly stored then can be used again and again throughout the years.

Okay, pools are cool and all but we can't lounge in the pool all Summer long (can we?), we want to go on adventures, or at least walks around the neighborhood when it's nice. The Summer floral is always a delight to breathe in. I get it, hiking is one of my very favorite past-times, so let's get outside! We've got a few things in mind, for instance, this cooling bandana, a water bottle (a MUST have) that holds water (duh) but also can suck it back in once your pup is done drinking from it. That's something that dog water bottle manufacturers have needed since the beginning, no one wants to pour that precious resource on the ground just because Bella only took a couple of laps before seeing a rabbit. Especially if you're only mid hike!

Staying cool and fashion CAN go together, besides the cooling bandana there are also cooling vests. Ruffwear is personally one of our favorite brands (no we're not sponsored by them, though we wouldn't say no!), from personal usage we know that the quality is top notch. The items we own, we've owned for years. So, the price tag may be more expensive than others, but those others (from our experience) don't work as well, and don't last as long. Trust us, get the good stuff. Just make sure you measure your pup before buying the wrong size; they're great with returns, but it's not fun having to wait!

Continuing on our Ruffwear talk, and hiking, these boots are going to help your pups paws stay soft and safe from this heat! Even if you're just going around town, the cement gets hot, it can and will burn paw pads. This isn't fun for anyone! Dogs wearing boots are always a hoot to watch the first go around, so they can take a little work to train your dog to tolerate them, but once they do it's worth it. These boots aren't only for Summer either, they can help with harsh Winter's as well. We also recommend paw protectant, this

particular one is the one we use on our personal dogs. It's again, good for the hot days and the cold ones. If the ground isn't too hot outside where you think the boots are needed, putting this on will make you feel more secure about that walk and Bingo's paws.

Essentials - They're not as fun to spend our money on, but better safe than sorry!

Flea and Ticks are out there, don't bring them inside your home! There are many different types of

flea and tick preventatives out there, if you have questions talk to your Veterinarian. We personally use Advantix II on our dogs, from personal experience we've brought ticks home on ourselves after a hike, but the dogs were clear as your wine glasses! That is why we continue to use this monthly preventative, it also helps keep mosquitos, lice, and biting flies away - win, win, WIN!

If your dog is nervous around loud noises, be sure to talk to your Veterinarian now, don't wait until the day before the Fourth, your chances of getting what you need lower drastically. Also, most

things recommend you use them BEFORE the actual event happens. Which can be difficult sometimes, but you chasing your dog around to give him a pill will make the experience that much worse. If your dog is nervous but not overkill, then we recommend these Veterinarian approved treats to help with those firework jitters! If you aren't sure how your new dog does with fireworks, or you're looking to try more things check out our blog about the Fourth of July, here.

TOYS! - Because, yes, they are essential!

Let's start off with a cooling toy, you can freeze this watermelon (obviously, we had to have a watermelon!)

and your pup can enjoy the texture against his teeth and gums. Chewing is a natural instinct for dogs after all. Does Rover prefer plush toys, well then, grab this cute American flag popsicle (they definitely missed the opportunity to turn this into a cooling toy. Then again, who says you can't soak this?)!

What's next? The top favorites of course - Balls and Sticks! Water edition. We know you see that we added another watermelon. :p

Hopefully this list helps you keep your best pup entertained, safe, and cool this Summer!

*There are links above, that are affiliate links. It does not cost you anymore to purchase through these links, but Amazon does share a bit with us. We appreciate you!

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