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Prime Day Deals July 12th & 13th

Updated: Jul 14

We all love to do a little shopping (especially for our fur-friends!), and we all love to do a little saving! So, we took the time to pick out our favorite Prime Day Deals, so you can save some money with us!

Everyday Items

Blink Mini Camera Bundle - Save over 50%! Have you ever wondered what your pups were up to while you're at work? Well now is the time to find out!

Or maybe you'd prefer a more interactive camera? These have a 360 degree view, and can toss treats out to your dog when he's a good boy. If used correctly, these are fantastic for teaching your dog to leave the trash alone while you're away!

Does your cat like to go out for midnight strolls? Days go by and you become more and more worried. Well not anymore! GPS Cat Tracker . (Here's one for dogs too!)

Or maybe you want a little more advanced GPS tracker? This collar also tracks health and fitness, even how often your dog licks it's paws - which could be a sign of allergies. If you can get on top of behaviors like this, then the fix is a lot easier than once it becomes a problem.

Maybe this isn't as fun to talk about, but we all need poop bags. Stock up while they're on sale so you won't have to worry about running out! This also comes with 2 dispensers - one for the car and one to clip on your leash?

Kennels are like your dog's bedroom, it's a safe place when their world is chaotic (not used to having guests over on Thanksgiving for instance).

We haven't tried this out for ourselves yet, but the reviews are great and it looks neat. It's definitely on our list! Hair Trapper!

Food containers for the homes with multiple types of food, organization needs, or for dogs/cats that break into their food bags when no one is looking!

We use beds similar to this for training, but they're also great for just hanging out outside. Keep your dog off of the hard hot ground, away from the creepy bugs, and they're easy to clean! (If you're dog is a chewer of beds, check this one out!)

This plush pillow -ahem- I mean bed, is more appropriate for inside for hanging out and watching Netflix together.

These water bottles are great, no more wasting the water your dog doesn't drink. It goes right back into the bottle so you can enjoy your Summer hike for that much longer!

If you have two dogs that walk well with one another, then getting one of these leash attachments can give you a free hand during your nightly walks.

Car accessories are important, as we're in the car a lot! There are all kinds of different seat covers, belts, etc for all types of cars.

* This one is a hammock, with back seat organizers, seat belts, but what's also neat is that you can actually have a passenger with you unlike the outdated hammock style seat covers!

* If you have a hatchback or a big trunked vehicle, then your dogs may hang out in the back during driving (especially if you have multiple human children too), this one is easy to clean and will definitely help keep the fur out of your car interior.

* Just seat belt attachments.

Creepy Crawly Jumping Bugs

You all should know by now that this is the brand we always recommend for flea/tick/mosquito bite prevention. When we see it on sell we can't help but stock up! (Does your cat have fleas too?)


BALLS, BALLS, BALLS! You know your dog loves them. These are rubber balls, which means they won't be full of slobber when your pup brings them back to when you're outside playing fetch. This pack even comes with a bag, if you're the organized type, or if you want to leave some in the car for safe measures!

Do you buy our himalayan chews? Does your pup love them, but maybe a bit too much? Well this toy is designed to s l o w him down even more than the chew does. Which means he's entertained longer, and your wallet stays fuller because you won't be buying them as often. I call that a win-win! The Jughead

Did we mention that we like balls? This gun shoots UP TO 50 FEET! Your dog will love this! Nerf is a well known brand as well, which is always a plus.

Yes, we realize that a pool isn't necessarily a "toy", but with how much fun your dog has in it, why isn't it considered a toy?

One more time!? BALLS BALLS BALLS! If you're patient enough, you can teach your dog to play by himself with this one. Though, I promise he'll still enjoy it more if you're around.

Interactive puzzle/toys/bowls? You know we love them! So, we couldn't resist sharing these that are on sale!






We've talked about these treats before, and we still like them! So grab this bucket of single ingredient beef liver treats for over 50% off! Stewart Beef Liver Freeze Dried Treats

Single Ingredient fish treats, yes please. These are always winners with our training dogs, and our dogs at home! You'll have to get over the look of them :p


* There are links above, that are affiliate links. It does not cost you anymore to purchase through these links, but Amazon does share a bit with us. We appreciate you!

* Have human children as well? Check out our other blog of recommendations that include children items!

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