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Kaley: My first ever competition

I entered Sully into a Dock Diving competition for the first time a couple of weeks ago. In fact, this was our first ever dog anything competition! This took us way out of our comfort zones, I'm normally a shy person until you get to know me. But, this event not only helped me, but I believe it helped Sully as well.

We both got out there and did our best! We both grew from this experience, and I'm super proud of us both.

At first Sully did not want to jump at all, and he never really did jump. But, by the end of our run through he did kind of fall in on his own. It's not a technical jump, but he made it in the water which I'll take as a huge accomplishment! There were so many people, distractions galore and not even in our town - not even in Kansas!

By the end of the day, I had met a lot of nice and helpful people. They gave us advice and tips on what to work on, since we don't have a dock diving place to practice back home. Both in water, and out.

I can't wait to continue practicing and learning about this sport; and other sports, and I can't wait for our next competition! Go #TeamSully!

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