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Interactive Toy of the Month: Snuffle Mat

Updated: Sep 2, 2022

We started a fun new monthly event, where we introduce a new interactive toy/bowl for your dog. It's available for sale in our shop for that month only, the we won't offer it again for at least one year. It's been a lot of fun so far, and the snuffle mat is no exception!

Per usual we use our own dogs as the demo dog to introduce the product to the public. This month's interactive toy was new to Kai, he has never used a snuffle mat before. Watch below on how he interacts with it!

The snuffle mat is only available for June, so stop by the shop!


" I’m pretty sure she got it all but she’s gonna keep looking for the rest of the night lol!" - Katelyn


Hugo loves it!


June may be over so you can no longer get the snuffle mat through us, but here are some other options from amazon:

We're located in Kansas, so it's only natural our first pick to share is a SUNFLOWER!

If you don't really care about the cuteness, and want a snuffle mat that's easy to pack away or take with you, then this is your option (we still think it's a cute color though!)

Easy to pack option, with even more variety on ways to snuffle! Such a fun word to say, but really dogs love to use their noses. Did you know that their noses are 10 to 100 THOUSAND more acute than ours? Let them sniff!

The big daddy of snuffle mats, it's got all the snuffle-ness your dog can ask for, and it even makes noises! This is fun because of a variety of reasons, trust us!

If you bought any snuffle mat, share a video of it with us so we can see and share your dog's enjoyment!


* There are links above, that are affiliate links. It does not cost you anymore to purchase through these links, but Amazon does share a bit with us. We appreciate you!

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