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Interactive Toy of the Month: Kong Wobbler!

Updated: Jun 8

We will be starting our new program off with one of Ashley's favorite interactive toys! She's had it for YEARS (rotating works)!

The Kong Wobbler does exactly what it sounds like, wobbles! The bottom of the toy is weighted, to keep it up right. It screws on easily, and the hole is pretty big. I have yet to see food that couldn't fit through.

Besides slowing your chow hound down, it also gives them stimulation - both physical and mental. What more could we ask for?!

Watch the video below to see Kita navigate this wily toy!

The Kong wobbler is only available in May, so stop by the shop today!

" She loves her Kong! She gets a little attitude with it and shoves it around roflmao! " - Brenna

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