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Interactive toy of the Month!

Updated: Sep 2, 2022

We're starting something new next month and we're excited! The Trainer's here at Pawsitive Strides talk about interactive toy/bowls ALL the time, so we thought maybe we could help introduce them to you easier, while not only keeping it fun for your best pup but for you as well!

We will be keeping it fresh, and be offering a new interactive toy every month, with a video of one of our demo dogs enjoying them so you can see how easy and fun they are!

Check out why we think they're so awesome (and so will you!) here.

Rotating toys out keeps them interesting to you and your dog, give the toy longevity (more bang for your buck), and actually help your pup from getting bored. Go ahead, join us and collect a new one every month!


* May - Kong Wobbler

* June - Snuffle Mat

* July -Chasing Treats

* August - Licki-Mat

* September - Pet Tornado

* October - Coming Soon

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