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August's Interactive Toy of the Month

Updated: Sep 4, 2022

The interactive toy/bowl of the month is known as the "Licki-Mat". There are a variety of types of licki-mats available, some are deep, some our shallow, and others have fun designs!

We enjoy the licki-mat for a lot of reasons, here are a few:

  • Slows your dog down (especially helpful if they're the type to vomit after eating)!

  • It's a very different way to eat then the typical chowing down, which helps with mental stimulation (have you ever asked your dog if they actually tasted what they ate!)

  • Soothing for dogs with anxiety (think fireworks, nail trims, etc.)

  • Soothing for dogs who like to suckle on things (think dog's who may have been weaned too early from their parents)

  • Teaching new puppies to eat!

  • Great for cats too!!

Q & A:

Q: Do I have to use only wet food or peanut butter?

A: No way! Even if you only feed your dog kibble, you can still use one of these. The best way is to add your kibble into a bowl of water, let them soak for a bit and then put it on the licki-mat. This not only makes it more of a soft texture, but also gives your dog extra hydration - which is great for the Summer months!

Q: What type of wet food works best?

A: Any work well, even the chunky type I used in the video filled the little nooks and crannies. But, if I had to pick, I'd say a pate type works best overall.


We may not be selling these anymore but here are some links to others on Amazon:

This is the original Licki-Mat Ashley bought for her cat, who is a known vomiter from eating too fast. A common problem in dogs, but often overlooked in cats. An easy fix!

This licki-mat is supposed to be reinforced, and tougher than the average licki-mat. If you have a dog that uses his teeth to get every part of his wet food/treats off the bowl, this might be the one you need!

A three pack, with suction cup action, a food spreader, and a cleaning brush? This pack is where it's at!


If you bought any licki-mats, share a video of it with us so we can see and share your dog's (or cat!) enjoyment!


* There are links above, that are affiliate links. It does not cost you anymore to purchase through these links, but Amazon does share a bit with us. We appreciate you!

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