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3 Reasons on why you should rebook

Do you rebook your grooming appointments? If you answered yes, good job! If you answered no, please continue to read to see the benefits of doing so.

  1. As many of you already know dog groomers book out fast! This could be weeks, or sometimes months out. Why wait until your dog NEEDS to be groomed when calling for the appointment, then not being able to get in?

  2. Not only do you suffer when you can't get an appointment (no one wants their house to smell like dirty dog), but your dog does too. They also don't want to stink! But, worse is if they're matted, those hurt and can even scar your dog if left on for too long.

  3. Kindness. Keeping a dog on a regular schedule not only keeps them from matting and being stinky, it also helps your dog enjoy going to the groomers. The groomer and the dog begin to grow a bond, which helps everyone enjoy the process. This includes you - don't you want your dog to be happy to be groomed? When they're matted they're less likely to enjoy the process (because again, it hurts)!

*BONUS* Booking out for the whole year prevents you from having any price changes if there are any, it also assures that you have a spot (especially during the holiday season when the schedule books up fast)!

So, we recommend booking your dog's grooming schedule for the whole year (you can always call and reschedule/cancel if something comes up), or at the very least make sure you rebook your appointment before leaving.

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